Category: Open Source

  • Companies Should Care

    As a consumer, I get the feeling that companies don’t care for me. If I were a vindictive person, then I probably would be going out of my way to screw them out of even a tiny bit of their profits. Piss enough of us off, and they would feel the pain in their wallets. […]

  • Horde

    Dependencies sux… knew IMP required the Horde Framework, PHP, MySQL, and Apache. Horde requires MySQL, gettext, and mcrypt (don’t find out those last 2 until one reads the directions for installing it from the download cause they are not on the site). So get all the Horde stuff done. Ready for IMP, right? Oh, wait… you […]

  • New Compiler

    Gotta love it… was uploading a 12 MB file when the network connection stopped on me. Hope it was not me with my 225 kbps connection! Not like I really was looking forward to installing a new compiler since the one I have appears to be really sad. It is amazing I get anything done. […]

  • Java-based GUI

    My achievement of the day… Haxored a Java-based GUI with a C-based backend to capture and store images from a webcam for display on the web. That last post was pretty geeky, wasn’t it?

  • SAMP

    Oooooohhhh… PS 2 down to $200. Sweet! Sony slashes Playstation 2 price Built another web server (Apache + SSL + PHP + MySQL)yesterday. Finishing the configurations and testing this morning. Once I have it finished, then I will build an identical one on the same server in order to have a quick fail-over available. UPDATE 2011-APR-17: LAMP = Linux […]

  • FreeBSD

    Going to install FreeBSD and some flavor of Linux on a workstation. Fun! This is to attempt to get closer to the environment in which this project I am working on was originally developed.