Dependencies sux… knew IMP required the Horde Framework, PHP, MySQL, and Apache.

Horde requires MySQL, gettext, and mcrypt (don’t find out those last 2 until one reads the directions for installing it from the download cause they are not on the site).

So get all the Horde stuff done. Ready for IMP, right? Oh, wait… you have to install PHP with IMAP support. Oops.

Okay, grab IMAP. BUT WAIT! IMAP now require OpenSSL.

Time for lunch before I blow a gasket.



      1. I just figured IMP stood for something. That being the case, with names like IMP and HORDE you should have known…it was going to be problematic and take a whole bunch of stuff to fix it…*L* Hope they don’t have one called “HUNS” or “GOTH”…

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