Category: Unix / Comp Languages

  • Convert Little-endian UTF-16 to ASCII

    I generated some text files working with Get-Acl Powershell, but I did not know how to get Powershell to do some advanced features. (Basically, I wanted to the Select-String to include the next 2 lines and see whether a specific group was in that list. And maybe some exclusions.) So, I copied the files over […]

  • Separating Bash Histories

    Years ago, maybe 2011 based on the age of files, our Systems group moved our Linux home directories to a central system. My only real complaint about this move was finding anything I needed in my Bash history. See, I am terrible at remembering things and often make typos. It is easier to go back […]

  • Listing Lists

    A mini project is to hand over the course packages for the prior product to each of our clients. A good idea was to include a list of the files so down the road, if something is missing then, we can say this list in the ticket has what they received. So I wrote this […]

  • Happy System Administrator Day!

    This deadtroll video has been around for quite a long time… Last week I heard how Youtube does automatic closed captioning. So I was curious and turned it on for this video. How terrible!

  • Counting

    In the beginning I used TOTAL=`ls /d2lmig/*/*/bak/*/* | wc -l` to get a total count. All was good. Until at around 55,000 files I got: -bash: /bin/ls: Argument list too long. Then I used TOTAL=`find /d2lmig/*/*/bak/*/* -name *.bak | wc -l` to get a total count. All was good. Until at around 90,000 files I got: -bash: /usr/bin/find: Argument […]

  • Convert Webserver.log to CSV

    A security guy at a campus wanted our web server log file in the CSV format. The original file has lines which look something like: webserver.log13646,2010-11-30        11:08:32        0.0010  999.999.999.999    b7tPM1hTgGYMn90bLTM1    200     GET     /webct/urw/lc987189066271.tp1333853785371/blank.html    –       262     “Mozilla/5.0 […]

  • Special Characters Are Meaningful Too

    Dear Google, When you treat special characters such as underscores, colons, and hyphens as a space, you corrupt my search for a single term into multiple terms, aka not what I sought, so I get too many useless results. Function names, class names, or file  names ought to be treated as a single word not […]

  • Notepad++ load langs.xml failed

    Notepad++ is my Windows text editor. Work has a site license for UltraEdit. I bought a personal license for EditPlus back in 2002-ish. Notepad++ does what I need it to do without having to track down a license key. This week I started getting this error when it starts. Load langs.xml failed! Apparently this happens […]

  • Selected Quotes About Computers & Software – The Core Memory

    Ran across Selected Quotes About Computers & Software at a site called The Core Memory. I have the teeshirt for this first one. The rest are for inpiration. There are 10 types of people. Those that understand binary and those that do not. — Ray Roton Old programmers never die… They just decompile. — Peter […]

  • Google Chrome on Linux

    I was excited to read today a Google Chrome Beta is now available on Linux. Gmail and Google Reader have weird font issues for me on both Linux and Window Firefox. So I tend split my browser load based on where the sites work best for me. Making the Linux switch meant leaving Chrome behind […]