Companies Should Care

As a consumer, I get the feeling that companies don’t care for me. If I were a vindictive person, then I probably would be going out of my way to screw them out of even a tiny bit of their profits. Piss enough of us off, and they would feel the pain in their wallets.


That is already happening. Consumers ticked at Microsoft’s security or stability are embracing Linux and Apple. Music fans who are tired of having to pay $15 for the 1 or 2 songs they would like to have download the MP3s. TV moguls start attempting to prevent viewers from skipping the commercials.

Downloading or ripping MP3s is wrong! Forcing people buy whole albums when just about everyone I query would rather buy the few songs that interest them is also wrong.

The true shame is when companies start attempting to thwart (ie attack their customers). I certainly will think twice about buying a CD from a record label that produced a CD I could not listen to where I expect to be able to listen to it. The same applies to DVDs, cassette tapes, any software, etc.

As a consumer, my power is the money I spend. Don’t get pissy and antagonistic with me cause I don’t spend enough on your products. I stopped giving you money because you made it difficult to use.

Just like I will not patronize a restaurant that treats me poorly, I will not patronize software, music, video, or any other company that treats me poorly.

Maybe my mom did teach me something. I am much more forgiving for being treated the wrong way, but I certainly will do my little part to let companies know who is the boss.

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