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Notepad++ load langs.xml failed

Notepad++ is my Windows text editor. Work has a site license for UltraEdit. I bought a personal license for EditPlus back in 2002-ish. Notepad++ does what I need it to do without having to track down a license key.

This week I started getting this error when it starts.

Load langs.xml failed!

Apparently this happens enough, Google was able to suggest the search and pulled up a solution in the first result. Rob3C at Superuser.com recommends renaming the langs.xml out of the way and copying the langs.model.xml into place. It was thoughtful of the developers to provide a default good version on which to fall back.

I was curious what was wrong with the the file. Turns out it just ended in the middle of line 100 which is ini, a style I would not have modified. (I mainly use SQL and bash.) Also, the bad one uses the wrong end style for the language element despite it being correctly on adjacent lines. So the file is no longer valid XML. Very odd.







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