Don’t tell others about something (dissiminate). Make them watch it or listen to it or a give a copy. Maybe I am just too much into first party sources? I don’t want to learn from someone who read a book about it. I want to learn from someone who actually does it.


Apparently, I am not very accessible. I knew this, but did not deem it very important. Actually, while I am at work, I am extremely accessible. People always know where I am and how to get in touch with me. When I go home I drop off the face of the planet. Only people who… Continue reading Accessibility

It Is All Pretend

Perhaps I talk about the wrong things in my blogs… or unintentionally give people the impression I am the authority on things? Every once in a while, people email me about a blog wanting me to help them. It seems they did a search, found my blog entry and send me an email or used my… Continue reading It Is All Pretend

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

I’m only happy when it rains… no, really… it’s not just a song. Something about the sound a rain washes away all the frustrations and makes me a happy camper. Guess you can imagine how bad it has been during the past 3 years during our drought?  


Summer is something I loathe. Love winter… the cold air opens up my lungs, the air feels clean… Hate summer… the allergens constrict my lungs, the air just feels dirtier…