The Golden Compass

I didn’t have any interest in this book (or the His Dark Materials trilogy books of which TGC is the first book) or the movie. Then I heard about Vatican objection to the movie despite the references to the Church being removed. This kind of objection made me curious.

Does being an atheist make Phillip Pullman a bad person? I’d think the weight of our actions should be the measure by which we are all judged. Certainly, those who read the book will be influenced by a tiny degree. I haven’t seen anything in the first 218 page to make me think Catholics are evil. I understand the bad guys are the Magisterium who are linked to the Vatican. Certainly, I can understand why they would object to being portrayed as evil. However, its clear from the writing that events take place in another world similar to ours but not ours…. Unless we have given up air planes for zeppelins, have our own personal daemons, and have conversations with polar bears.

Its fantasy… aka not real. Which similarly means… the evil Vatican is not real. (I hope this is not a case of the truth striking too close to home.)

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  1. Got to the theater in NE Atl about an hour ahead and finished off the last 70 pages or so. The book was surprisingly good.

    The movie? LAME, stupid, didn’t even have impressive special effects, completely lobotomized. The book is about a little girl uncovering massive secrets. She intuitively knows all but two in the first 5 minutes. I should have waled out at that point, but I’d paid ten bucks (more than the book), so I tortured myself watching it.

    I should have apologized to the other people in the theater for groaning at all the stupid things they did in this movie. Well, after the director / screenwriter apologizes to us for creating such a lame movie.

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