The Golden Compass

I didn’t have any interest in this book (or the His Dark Materials trilogy books of which TGC is the first book) or the movie. Then I heard about Vatican objection to the movie despite the references to the Church being removed. This kind of objection made me curious. Does being an atheist make Phillip… Continue reading The Golden Compass

links for 2007-10-14

Firefly Books – Nature – The World of the Polar Bear (tags: polarbear) World’s oldest wall painting unearthed in Syria | Tech&Sci | Science | (tags: archaeology) Thunderstorm Gamma Rays Linked to Lightning (tags: science meteorology lightning weather) Techdirt: Ellison Looks To Pull A PeopleSoft On BEA BEA rejected this bid. So did PeopleSoft… Continue reading links for 2007-10-14


Knut, a baby polar bear, was born in a Berlin zoo recently. A few friends, knowing I like them, have been sending me photos all week. I believe the name is pronounced Keh-noot or Keh-nyoot and is for: Canute the Great, the 11th Century King of England, Denmark and Norway (also known as King Knut).… Continue reading Knut