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  • Exclusion Groups

    This is America! Equality! Liberty! Democracy! Arizona has a bill S.B. 1108 to legislate the forbidding of student groups who are against the principles of America. Specifically democracy, capitalism, pluralism, and religious tolerance must be upheld by all. A founding principle of the United States was dissent. Disagreeing with King George III, British Parliament, and […]

  • Has Anything Changed?

    The previous post regarding the FBI checking on whether a photographer was Middle Eastern reminded me…. The Civil Rights Movement occurred before I was born. However, my parents were afflicted by blatantly racist laws which continued for decades. State anti-miscegenation law [1] at the time prohibited White females from marrying outside of their race. Since […]

  • Bicentennial for the Abolition of Slave Trade to US Tomorrow

    An Even Better Reason to Celebrate has a nice longer version of this quote from a NYT OpEd piece on tomorrow being the bicentennial for the ablution of slave trade to the United States. WE Americans live in a society awash in historical celebrations. The last few years have witnessed commemorations of the bicentennial of […]

  • Are Books the Only Way to Learn?

    Is the Internet really a bad invention? According to Doris Lessing, yes. We are in a fragmenting culture, where our certainties of even a few decades ago are questioned and where it is common for young men and women, who have had years of education, to know nothing of the world, to have read nothing, […]

  • Staying Beneath the Radar

    The xenophobes around us have cause to celebrate. We are making it difficult for aliens to find us. As Frank Drake explains for in an article, our improvements in transmissions means less bleeds out into space. The parallel he makes is alien civilizations may only have a 60 year blip where they pushed massive amounts […]

  • links for 2007-11-22

    Photos taken in Georgia on Flickr! (tags: Georgia flickr) Photos taken in Athens on Flickr! (tags: Athens_GA flickr) Race, Class, and the Choice of Social-Networking Sites – Chronicle.com (tags: facebook myspace social)

  • Melungeon

    Mom dropped me a note last night. She ran across the word melungeon while doing some genealogy research. It describes someone who is of European, African, and Native American descent. It was popular in the Appalachian Mountains and similar in use to Mulatto in being a negative term. I haven’t talked about this much on […]

  • DNA For Everyone

    So, 60 Minutes has broadcast a report on the tracing of DNA. Leslie made a statement, “The are just two bits of DNA which remain pure. The Y chromosome which passes directly from father to son. And something called mitochondrial DNA which passes unchanged from mother to child.” Logically speaking, if the mDNA really passes […]

  • Orange Moon

    Orange Moon, originally uploaded by Ezra F. Got out of Bourne Ultimatum and saw this to the East. Raced home and climbed up the nearby hill to take some shots.

  • Pick One

    The difference a decade makes! I actually knew a couple other kids in school who were mixed growing up. Jimmy was part Spanish and part Black. I’m not sure what Eddie was. Some people still wanted me to pick one. J2, my aunt, was very Afro-Centric. She decided that my white mother could not raise […]