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  • Americans Are Hindus?

    Perhaps I don’t understand a Newsweek article advocating Americans have more in common with Hinduism than Christianity? First, the numbers of Americans who agree with the sentiments are 65%, 30%, and 24% respectively for each argument. We’d use numbers as strong as 30% and 24% to illustrate people are opposed to something. Of course, we’d…

  • links for 2007-07-26

    Alter: How Superficial Has Our Culture Become? – Newsweek Between the Lines – MSNBC.com (tags: economics life news) About RAND | History | Paul Baran and the Origins of the Internet (tags: history network)

  • Videogames in the Classroom?

    Yes!! Videogames in the Classroom? – Newsweek Education – MSNBC.com: Where parents see hours wasted in front of a screen, these scientists see potential. An FAS study released this week, titled “Harnessing the power of video games for learning,” reports that best-selling games are built in surprisingly pedagogical ways. Players improve at their own pace.…

  • Is America Repeating Roman History?

    This article about the novel Imperium (a fictional biography) suggests there are parallels between Rome’s transition from a Republic to an Empire and where we stand in America. If true, then we are right now on the cusp of a great turning point. Imperium is historical fiction. So how much of it is not real?…