Is America Repeating Roman History?

This article about the novel Imperium (a fictional biography) suggests there are parallels between Rome’s transition from a Republic to an Empire and where we stand in America. If true, then we are right now on the cusp of a great turning point. Imperium is historical fiction. So how much of it is not real?

Rome Returns – Newsweek: International Editions –

When a band of pirates ravaged the Roman port of Ostia in 67 B.C., the Roman general Pompey the Great was granted extraordinary powers to manage the crisis. Despite vehement opposition from the aristocracy, who suspected his motives, Pompey was handed absolute control of the sea and the coast for 50 miles inland. “The pirates’ raid on Ostia was a kind of 9/11,” says author Robert Harris, whose new novel “Imperium” (416 pages. Hutchinson) is climbing Britain’s best-seller list. “A precedent was set of special military commands and the suspension of liberties, which was applied first to Pompey, then Caesar, then the whole constitution. You can make a strong case that was beginning of the end of the Republic.”

I’ve already ordered it. It sounds like a good read. 🙂

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