Pirates Still Surviving

Pirate attacks in Malacca Strait | BBC NEWS: Pirates in the Malacca Strait have attacked two UN-chartered ships and threatened a Japanese cargo carrier, a maritime watchdog has said. Are the UN in league with the Ninjas? I don’t think Disney needs press coverage for the new Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest.

The S-Man

Superman Returns I plan to go Saturday. Anyone want to tag along? UPDATE: I went earlier. I liked it. Good acting, great special effects, and a decent enough story. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

ds #1496

I suspect that I probably was quite the brat at age 7 to have gotten as many Empire Strikes Back toys as I did. When did I outgrow buying all the toys for every movie? I still catch all the movies despite apprehension for a few. Yet I stay out of the toy stores. 🙁