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  • Friends of Friends

    Occasionally friends will see something they like and tag another friend in a comment. In general, I have a privacy level of Friends on my posts. Non-mutual friends are not able to see these tags. I knew about and disliked these options: Leave it alone. The friend’s friend has no idea the post exists unless someone…

  • Dunbar on Facebook

    You’ve read my previous posts on Dunbar‘s Number, right? Go on…. I’ll wait. Remember the one on Scoble and Facebook? Good. For a while, I fastidiously ensured my number of friends stayed below 150 because I took the idea of Dunbar’s number as a life strategy. Then I let it slip to 200 which I pared back down…

  • Thankful

    Family, especially gaining a new member in a few weeks My dart team members and their significant others Friends Having a job, especially my team at work No health issues this year My cameras and accessories Car Google Reader Flickr video Technorati : Thanksgiving Day, thanks Del.icio.us : Thanksgiving Day, thanks Flickr : Thanksgiving Day,…

  • Britt’s Surprise Birthday Party

    aya1081 set up a surprise birthday part for brittsaqt . She got him. Britt Gets the Middle Finger Logan’s Run Birthday Cak/a> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logan’s_Run_(1976_film) “Life must end at thirty unless reborn in the fiery ritual of Carousel.” Surprise Brandon

  • Megan hates UF alumni

    Megan hates UF alumni, originally uploaded by Ezra F. Which means she loves Uga. 🙂 I finally had an opportunity to take a picture of one of the Uga statues around town. Its such a toursity shot. Megan makes for a willing tourista.

  • Blog Crush: Part II

    Following up on my blog crush post. The Internet is a much bigger place than just the blogosphere. My previous comments were solely about blogs and strictly within the definition of “blog crush” provided in the qotd, not any of the many other forms of communication offered by the Internet. I have made lots of…

  • Yeah for Fall

    It’s 67 F in my apartment this morning. It feels so very good. Over the past week I’ve noticed temperatures have dropped. My apartment retains heat pretty well. Its 42 outside. I went to visit Cat in Lawrenceville. She asked me to help her with her computers. I knew both were old and one is…

  • Sarah the Victorious

    Sarah the Victorious, originally uploaded by sneezypb. Long time ago at Car Mar Apartments in 1999, maybe? One can find the coolest things rooting through old photos for omething specific. Saw Sarah at a friend’s birthday. Lots of fun. I am lame as I didn’t remember to bring my camera!

  • Popular

    Popular, originally uploaded by sneezypb. Dusty (left) representing Atlanta. Sharon (middle) representing Daytona. Cat (right) representing Ashville. Popular, originally uploaded by sneezypb. Yup! Definitely a fun weekend. (For me anyway) Glass macro Naughty can be nice / Don’t think so much about it / Follow your instincts 3 gen