International Talk Like A Pirate Day

This is someting my friends have been into for years.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day:

International Talk Like a Pirate Day isn’t one o’ those governmentally sanctioned holidays that shifts around to create a convenient three-day weekend. No, the date is ALWAYS Sept. 19 (Cap’n Slappy’s ex-wife’s birthday.)

Though apparently the inventors were on Wife Swap (Chumbucket and Sally bio).

Alone for VD

People who happen to not be dating someone stand out on Valentine’s Day, I think. I have known women who freaked out over the thought that they might be alone for it. Those are only a handful, thankfully. Most people I know who have no significant other just mope and grumble all day long.

I hope I hide my irritation with VD well enough that I am not an irritant to others.

Clarification on last post…¬†VD = Valentine’s Day
VD != Venerial Disease

Such dirty minds…


All of the emails begging me to join their singles site does not surprise me. It is Valentines. Single people like me are supposed to get uber-depressed that we do not have anyone in our lives.

The upswing in divorce lawyer emails does surprise me.


Long weekends

Long weekends are the best. Can kick back and do nothing until the holiday!

Course, when I get back to work I still have to battle installing Front Page Extensions on the new web server. Hmmmmmm… maybe the trick is to clear out the data I have so meticulously massaged to be correct on the new server and install the Extensions, then add the data back? Glad I did this before the server went into production.