Saving Time

[Listening to: Music – LJT Bukem – Global Underground: Oslo (Disc 1) (5:35)] I like online forms. Apparently some people are hesitant to use them. They want to call me up and let me hit the magic button that just does what they want to happen. If I have to do more, that is okay… Continue reading Saving Time

SGA meeting moved to Sept. 20

Here is an article on a WebCT upgrade for which I was interviewed for the Spectator, the university student news paper. Even SGA couldn’t bear the ire of Hurricane Frances. SGA elections, set for Sept. 7, were extended until Thursday, Sept. 9 because the weather interfered with online voting, according to SGA president, Jason Lewis. Lewis said… Continue reading SGA meeting moved to Sept. 20

Distributed Denial of Service

Was more than just the virus. Seems several computers were compromised and turned into file sharing hosts. In retaliation for cleaning up that mess, a Distributed Denial of Service attack hit early in the morning. Along the same idea, the Pentagon wants online voting. This surprises me because the technology is not to the point to… Continue reading Distributed Denial of Service

Computer Virus Havoc

It is amazing how a simple little computer virus causes so much havoc. They make my life miserable. Preserved comments: i’m afraid of them.  b/c i have no idea what i’d do if my computer became plagued by one.  🙁 xo! Posted 1/21/2004 12:09 PM by melally


Checklists are a necessary complication to simplify overly complicated processes. This past week I have created 2. There are usually about 5-7 different places that have to be checked. Invariably, I miss one item as it takes 5-10 minutes to do all this. Something always interrupts. Deaprtment Web Site Tech Change Checklist is for every time… Continue reading Checklists

No Plans

No plans for this weekend. Well, I do have an election system to get operational, test, and have ready to go Monday at midnight. When I found out I was supposed to do it less than 6.5 days before it would be done, I thought maybe it would not be so bad. The old system… Continue reading No Plans


Ugh. I am finally reachable, I guess. Have a cell phone with voicemail and all that. Painful initiative I was thinking I should undertake but was also resisting. The straw was some of our servers went down the night before Thanksgiving due to a power failure. I didn’t know until my boss called to say… Continue reading Connected