Email Sux

Maybe it is just me, but why is it that no one can invent a great email program? I mean, they really all suck. Nothing is built for my needs… huge volumes of email, lots of important requests from dozens of sources, tons of email lists, and tons of spam. It takes hours to sort… Continue reading Email Sux

Thinking Geek

I like this action shot… girl in front of Microsoft sign with teeshirt “Chick Dig Unix”. Something just so sinister, ya know? Apparently I have a higher than average Empathy (64) and Systematizing (71) Quotients (link). Eh. These are really similar to the Myers-Briggs iNtuitive and Feeler scales.

No Plans

No plans for this weekend. Well, I do have an election system to get operational, test, and have ready to go Monday at midnight. When I found out I was supposed to do it less than 6.5 days before it would be done, I thought maybe it would not be so bad. The old system… Continue reading No Plans

New Goal

We have a wireless network in the building. Of course, it is built on 802.11b so the speed is only 11 Mbps. The wired LAN is Ethernet 100 Mbps. Just outside our 1st floor offices is a patio. I am thinking it would be the bomb to put some patio furniture (chairs, table, and umbrella)… Continue reading New Goal


Some say we are headed towards singularity, some say they’ve been been single for a while and hate it. Can’t say these are mutually exclusive. After all, being single does not have much to do with artificial intelligence… or does it? I’d have to say the excuses for not actively seeking someone with which to… Continue reading Singularity


BlogRolling is pretty kewl…. Tomorrow is hopefully a donuts day. Someone at work has a birthday. The secretary will be out sick so hopefully our other mom will remember? Maybe I can snag one while they are still warm? Mmmmmmmmmm…. Oh, yeah… only 25 hours left to do my taxes. Starting to become more and… Continue reading Retrospect

Through Ways

This is South Georgia. It gets really, really hot down here in the summer. It also tends to rain quite a bit as moisture from the Gulf of Mexico hits us in waves for an afternoon shower. You really should have an umbrella everyday as the predictability of the rain is rather low. Where I… Continue reading Through Ways

First Hit

Got this up without a problem here (30 minutes) after dorking around with Berkley DB and DB_file for 2 or 3 hours on the web server I run! WTF? Sux 2 B ARF…