Hmmmmmmmm… Thinking about getting back into gaming. Will need to talk to my friends and gauge their interest of course. Don’t really know anyone who is currently gaming. Haven’t hardly cracked open my 3rd edition D&D books yet. Maybe I should go work on some of the stuff I was developing, such as those rules… Continue reading Gaming


Rather enjoyed the Superbowl, writing and reading between commercials… Thought that the 2 new Budweiser commercials were actually hilarious. The GTI commercial with the 2 guys looking up in the oak tree wsa great. Probably because I have been in the situation of trying to knock something out of a tree on many occasion.

Crosstown Rivals

LHS beat VHS is a grueling fight that lasted through a normal football game plus 2 over time periods. Both teams fielded superb defenses racking up several sacks, interceptions, fumbles, and tackles behind the line of scrimmage against offenses not used to battling so hard for first down. These teams are cross town rivals. LHS… Continue reading Crosstown Rivals

Two Footballs

Had an enjoyable night. Attended another Lowndes High Vikings football game where the defense more or less shut down a great offense. Saw lots of alumni I knew in school. Thought the game rocked. After the game, read in Sports Illustrated that they were going to show the Men’s Soccer USA vs. Cameroon game on… Continue reading Two Footballs

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