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  • Microsoft Cuts Xbox Price in U.S., Japan

    Tech: Nice… PS2 is $200. The Xbox is $200. The Gamecube should drop to $150. Might be able to afford jumping up to the next systems. I only have an N64 and Playstation. Yahoo! News – Microsoft Cuts Xbox Price in U.S., Japan  

  • SAMP

    Oooooohhhh… PS 2 down to $200. Sweet! Sony slashes Playstation 2 price Built another web server (Apache + SSL + PHP + MySQL)yesterday. Finishing the configurations and testing this morning. Once I have it finished, then I will build an identical one on the same server in order to have a quick fail-over available. UPDATE 2011-APR-17: LAMP = Linux…

  • First Step to Gaming Addiction

    There are people I know and people I think I know via a few routes of 3-4 degrees of separation but am not really sure. So I think I recognize them and can think of why I should recognize them. Then again maybe I am just experiencing early symptoms of dementia and losing the logical facilities of my…

  • Attrition As Strategy

    Realized while playing Warcraft that I play it like I play Risk. My usual strategy is to design a protective area where my forces can quickly react to threats. Once that is established, I will amass my forces to strike. My attack strategy is to cut the enemy’s supply line. When the enemy cannot amass…

  • Aliens Versus Predator 2

    At the LAN party. We played at least 2 hours of Return to Wolfenstein and at least 3 hours of Aliens Versus Predator 2. Wow… that was a lot of playing yesterday. Others are playing RtCW online.

  • LAN Party

    11 Computers 11 Nerds or Geeks Aliens Predators Marines Quake Team Arena Beer Mt. Dew 3 days of blood, guts, bullets, and death