Leading Zeros In A Batch Timestamp

As “plumbers” for 17 databases and over a hundred application servers, we really do not have the time to sit there and watch them all. We design things so problems are pushed up to our attention. We are still getting point of predictive alerts to failures like we were on RHEL/Weblogic/Oracle, so usually we only… Continue reading Leading Zeros In A Batch Timestamp

Counting Folders

Back in June, after a whole seven months in our system, one of our clients hit Microsoft’s limit in the max number of folders within a folder. They are on track to do it again a year later. I lost the first script I wrote to figure out which directories were affected, so I wrote… Continue reading Counting Folders

Detecting .NET Version

Background: We got a notice a few minutes before last week’s maintenance window that side work to configure a tool ran into a snap. Today we found out that the server intended to be used did not have the right .NET version. Why did they not just install it? Good question. This made me curious… Continue reading Detecting .NET Version

Replacing End of Line

I copied the lines of a script a coworker noted in our wiki into Notepad++. The needed changes were made for the school I want to run this against. The content was pasted into Notepad (not ++) on the server (through RDC). One of the “needed changes” was adjusting the line formatting so the commands… Continue reading Replacing End of Line

Sharepoint Site Deleted

Now Outlook complains every time it does a Send/Receive: You do not have permission to view this Sharepoint List (Integration and Deployment Support Practice Site – Tasks). Contact the SharePoint site administrator. HTTP 302. The error code is: 0x80070005. The first thing I found is a page on Outlook and SharePoint Integration. It says to… Continue reading Sharepoint Site Deleted

The Cause

Found I develop free software because of CUNY and Blackboard following the Blackboard security issues story. It is a really good blog post. This conclusion made me smile. I am certain there are plenty of people in the system I support who strongly agree. I just wish there was an easier way of finding and… Continue reading The Cause

MS paper touts Unix in Hotmail

Good game M$!! MS paper touts Unix in Hotmail’s Win2k switch (The Register) Santa Switches (Apple.com) Apple making fun of themselves? Who’da thunk? All you software piracy phreaks, listen up… Woman sentenced in multimillion-dollar software sting (ComputerWorld)