Wordperfect 6.0b

Wow… just had to go out on a support call for something pretty old… Word Perfect 6.0b. It is what I used in middle and high school, but I got over in college. I moved on thankfully.

Microsoft Update Fail

Yes, I KNOW that I should wait at least 2 weeks before installing a Microsoft update! Yes, I installed it anyway… Now I am backing up all my data so I can reinstall Windows. *sigh* Guess it means I have some time to do other things like work on that dbMan stuff? puh! Wondering if it… Continue reading Microsoft Update Fail


Virus writers are evil. The latest, Nimda, is a really aggressive one. Look at some of the more successful viruses right now. SirCam, Magistr, Loveletter, and Hybris are all on Trend’s top 10 list. All, including Nimda spread by email. Also, like sAdmind (in the top 10) and CodeRed II, it hits Microsoft IIS servers. Like Bymer it hits unprotected network shares.… Continue reading Nimda


Great day for computer security stories… a virus pretending to be a Microsoft patch Kazaa and Morpheus programs can reveal username and hostname more hacking into Hotmail Apache with SQL flaws smugglers caught transporting encryption devices to China (sooooo illegal). – – – – – Interesting… wonder if our students are targetted for identity theft? –… Continue reading Priority


Lovely… MSN Messenger is still down. Seems that Microsoft had problems with hardware so people were up and down. It is my turn to be down. Thankfully I have other IMs on which I can rely… AIM and ICQ being the most reliable IMs. Backing up all my data off my work computer in order… Continue reading Offline

Secure E-Mail Behavior

Great article on secure use of email titled Secure Online Behavior, Part II: Secure E-Mail Behavior over at the SecurityFocus site. It discusses the types of email clients and some potential problems, how to create passwords, and how to handle attachements. Seems clear and concise. This seems a little overboard. What authentication method does Microsoft use with MSN… Continue reading Secure E-Mail Behavior


Due to some email server issues, my home page at this time is not available… Should be back some time this morning. Everything is cool now… *whew*! Here is maybe my new favorite site… Science Fiction and Fantasy World with a review of the start of the A Song of Fire and Ice series A Game of Thrones, A… Continue reading HOWTO: RTFM