Lovely… MSN Messenger is still down. Seems that Microsoft had problems with hardware so people were up and down. It is my turn to be down. Thankfully I have other IMs on which I can rely… AIM and ICQ being the most reliable IMs.

Backing up all my data off my work computer in order to rebuild it. Will be offline most of the afternoon, I guess. Should make notes of all the critical software to reinstall, huh?

Snuck Out

Did go to Dr. Bailey’s Retirement Dinner Saturday night (see 2 posts down). Was not as bad as I expected. Got to hide in a back room making name tags for people whose name tag was missing or incorrect. About 15 minutes after people had sat down to eat, Joe and I snuck out to grab a pizza. Turns out those who stayed to eat were there until after 10:30pm (we left at about 7:30).

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According to a Jupiter Media Matrix survey these are the places which take up most of U.S. internet users’ time on the internet:

  1. AOL/Time Warner
  2. MSN
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Napster
  5. Juno
  6. eBay
  7. EA Online and Applications
  8. Excite Network
  9. iWon Inc.
  10. Walt Disney Internet Group
  11. Lycos
  12. About The Human Internet
  13. Flipside Sites
  14. CNET Networks

I see some sites I like… some which annoyed me to the point of having never gone back, but amazingly I knew the address to each one without having to use a search engine. Think they have me hooked….

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Think Two Cents has a kewl looking pita.

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This is weird… on my VSU astrology page (for a class back in 99) I had a form to submit to a web site to do natal charts. Apparently this is HUGE stuff. Most of my traffic involves “natal chart”, “horoscopes”, etc. The sad thing is the service is no longer available so I had to remove the form. Sometime the search engines ought to pick up on this fact, right?

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My new toy.


Netiquette or really any form of etiquette is not common sense. People in general do not know how to behave themselves in foreign cultures. As much as we might hate to admit it, cybercultures do abound and each have rules of behavior. They may not be posted, but members of the society know them. Many will be offended when these newbies, errm, newcomers enter the society and make blunder adter blunder.

So codify your rules (yeah, kinda like laws) so that newcomers will know what to expect. Also enforce them so that they retain meaning.

Online Communities

Something I guess I intuitively knew, but never really considered is that online communities are exactly that… communities.

Consider that these places have areas for interacting with other members. People do the usual thing like talk to each other. I think the key is the results of the conversation… they argue, aid other, seek info, organize, dupe each other, and even fall in love. These are the same results the interaction of individuals we expect in our physical communities.

As we are individuals and each have our own expectations and point-of-view we need rules. Not so much to restrict our will as to provide guidance on expectations of behavior. People tend to move is disparate directions without a societal focus and rules help streamline processes and provide one or a few ways of doing things.

No human created body of rules are perfect. So there is always room for improvement. Thus some rules may be changed from time to time to facilitate improving processes. For online communities this means that Terms of Service agreements become ammended. As any change scares people, the changes are interpolated and some members become nervous. This adding meaning to TOSs I think is a little irrational and sometimes appears… vindictive? It almost seems like some people attempt to use changes to the TOS as rationale to distance others from the community.

Once people realize that we are all members of communities and need each other and the rules which guide us I think that our communities will once again thrive. As long as members of communities forget that they need each other the health of the community will wane until it dies.

[Friday, March 2, 2001] [08:30 a.m.]

Think this will be my new way of looking at things…



[Friday, March 2, 2001] [10:31 a.m.]

Maybe this is karmic, but the this Fast and the last events have conspired to have social events (means people talking over food) the first day. Odd, huh?