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Personal Security

I am not sure many of us take our personal security strongly enough. Nick Bradbury recently mentioned he had lied about being out of town in a previous entry. I say kudos!!

There are too many cases where I see people put in their blogs when they will be out of town. In most of those cases they feel that probably only their friends read the blog. However, how do you know exactly who is reading your blog? You do not.

Several years ago, I read about how criminals in the UK would send out emails to as many addresses as possible to see which would bounce back with an autoresponder saying the owner was out of town. It was easy to then look up the name in a phone book and often determine where the person lived.

When our house was burglarized when I was younger, the police said it was likely done by someone who was in the neighborhood because they were pretty specific what they went through. It was as if they had been in the house before and knew what to take.





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