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  • What I am reading Pt II

    I’ve started playing with Google Reader. Maybe I will use it instead of Bloglines? A cool feature of both is the ability to share with others the posts I find interesting. Sharing with Google Reader is easier and prettier than blogging with Bloglines. Though Bloglines also allows others to see my public subscriptions.

  • The Reading List

    I have added the blogs and web sites I am often inclined to read to the sidebar. The list a good one. Do take the time visit them. Many belong to my friends here.

  • Some Unanswered Questions

    Do you think people of mixed racial backgrounds are attractive? (I enjoy answering the questions at okcupid.com.) If you were the only person that knew that a guest had died on the way to a wedding, would you tell the bride and groom?

  • Star Wars: Episode III

    Dare we trust this 6th installment to the Star Wars series of movies to be better than the last 2? Three words: “Darth Vader…. Rise!” I probably will go see Revenge of the Sith the opening weekend.

  • Media Management

    I have found that keeping up with a large collection of stuff is hard. Recently, I found a free program called MediaMan which I used to document my DVDs. Unfortunately, only those at my apartment are in this list. All the stuff I did not yet bring is not documented. Fortunately, the plan is to…

  • New Photos

    Today was a beautiful afternoon. I took a drive nearby and ended up driving about for a couple hours.  A waste of gas perhaps? I did take a few photos and place them in the photo album attached to theis blog. I do not see how you might get to them through the blog without…

  • 50millimeter

    Photo blogs impress me. My favorite is perhaps 50millimeter. I have a camera and take some pictures. However, I do not have an eye for taking great pictures. That could be the typical self-criticism…. Dunno. I do think I should take more pictures.

  • Friendster Blogs

    I learned about Friendster’s new blogs through an article at The Social Software Weblog. It gave me a reason to look at Friendster again. I have not gotten any friend requests or other messages so it kind of fell off my radar.

  • Virgin Post

    One can always use yet another blog, right? 🙂