Online Communities

Something I guess I intuitively knew, but never really considered is that online communities are exactly that… communities. Consider that these places have areas for interacting with other members. People do the usual thing like talk to each other. I think the key is the results of the conversation… they argue, aid other, seek info,… Continue reading Online Communities


Due to some email server issues, my home page at this time is not available… Should be back some time this morning. Everything is cool now… *whew*! Here is maybe my new favorite site… Science Fiction and Fantasy World with a review of the start of the A Song of Fire and Ice series A Game of Thrones, A… Continue reading HOWTO: RTFM

500 plus

Hmmmmmmm… only 44 people short of having 500 visitors to my personal VSU web site. According to SiteMeter’s prediction based upon traffic over the last week I might be able to achieve 500 visitors in a little over a week. Not too shabby I guess. Guess I should respond more to email lists? Seems like a… Continue reading 500 plus


Ever want to know just who is linking to your web site? Well, these tools will tell you… Popularity by AddMe checks who links to you from Hotbot, AltaVista, and Google. The WebTrends Network: Site Popularity Check! compares your site to other sites on AltaVista. Of course there are lots of other sites that do… Continue reading Popularity

Blogger Closure?

Seems that one of the great weblog sites, Blogger might be closing it’s doors soon. Here is a note from the CEO. Hmmmmmmm… think I might enjoy taking classes or workshops on securing a web server. Think the ego and confidence it would give me could not hurt in the slightest.

New Glasses

Probably was just me, but could not get here yesteday afternoon. Have a new pic available… Pic of my new glasses… Found the buttons for the service. Like the thought of a service that check for updates for me. Maybe I am a slacker and should do my own checking, but a reminder email helps… Continue reading New Glasses

Updated Home Page

Updated my home page with a slightly newer look. Experimenting with an image mapped version. Will try slicing the image and doing some mouseovers later. UPDATED 24-MAR-2010: Removed the link to my old Valdosta State University personal web site. Since leaving, I’ve set a redirect which comes to this blog. 🙂