Stop Digital Piracy

According to Eisner in this Reuters article, “Congress needs to encourage common ways of stopping digital piracy of movies, TV shows and other entertainment products that threatens to stifle industry innovation…”. If you are already of the opinion that the media industy has no innovation, then I guess digital piracy is supposed to make it… Continue reading Stop Digital Piracy

In and Out

Had lunch with Cat, Dusty, Tamara, and Leti. Was very good to see them all again. Sharon was in and out since she technically was working. Right now I am listening to the new Essential Mix with Paul Jackson. I really enjoyed last week’s with Ashley Casselle. Oh, I seriously doubt that A Feast for Crows from the… Continue reading In and Out

Macross Saga

In the middle of the Macross Saga marathon at my mom’s. No email is good. No Internet (up to now). Lovin it. My brother thinks I have a lot of CDs… tell me what you think!

Napster is dead

Wonder who will be “the next big thing” in online Music? Napster is dead. I’ve heard good things about AudioGalaxy and iMesh. I’ve had some good experiences with Morpheus. Maybe there are just too many options? You almost have to have your finger on the pulse of the activity in order to find the good stuff. Back when Napster… Continue reading Napster is dead

Zips and CDR

Got the Zip drive working at home. Now maybe I should look to get some network cards and an ethernet cable… could get both my 233 and my 66 connected and transfer files. Probably something I should do before wiping either machine? At work I should install the SCSI card and the CDR. Then I… Continue reading Zips and CDR


Almost time to go home. Just tidy up a few lose ends. Afshin is a gifted musician to which I have had the opportunity to listen a few times.