New Page: Teeshirts

I'm blogging this
I'm blogging this.

I added a new page, Teeshirts, to this site. It joins my other pages: Reading, About Me, and Quotes to Make You Think. It documents my teeshirt collection from sites like Thinkgeek, Woot, and Threadless.

Yes, I already track my shirts with photos tagged with the term “teeshirt” on Flickr or Teeshirts I Own Pinterest board. Unfortunately, people do not seem to use Flickr much anymore. So much like Reading which is a page on my blog duplicating what I am doing with Goodreads, I’ll occasionally update the local blog version.






3 responses to “New Page: Teeshirts”

  1. Oak Avatar

    I want some in big man sizes…I know you got some…don’t be stingy!

  2. Ezra S F Avatar

    All mine are 3XL or larger. Finding such a supplier is probably the main reason I stopped collecting teeshirts between 1995 and 2002.

  3. Lorenia Avatar

    I love your collection. Mine is much, much, much smaller, but each time I wear a Thinkgeek shirt, it just makes me happy every time I look down. 🙂

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