Black Is the New Black

When it comes to fashion I’m not the brightest candle. After all, my “style” has been the same since 2000 and regularly ridiculed by those have some sense. So it took me a whole week in Haifa to realize about half of the young women in nice clothes wore head to toe black and quarter wore a black skirt/pants with a white or gray top. Often the coats were a dark gray or dark brown, not necessarily black. These colors struck me as seeming weird.

On the promenade in Tel Aviv, we walked by a store who claimed the style of the season was white and black. Everything in the store used just those two colors.

Back here in the US, I looked to see if the same trend existed here. Truly people here are a rainbow of color.

I do think the absence of the rainbow of color started to bother me.

And… Yes, there were quite a number of really attractive women which drew my attention. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

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