New Outlook

New Glasses Yesterday, I bought new glasses. Its not much of a change, really. Black wire rims. The arms are thicker and more plastic. Its the same professional look I was sporting with the last pair, but the lenses are smaller and closer to my eyes. The nose pieces ride higher on my nose.

I likey.

As I have with every new pair of glasses, I can see things much more clearly. Of course, I’d probably be better by getting a new pair of glasses more frequently. Heck, I could never get the last pair clean because the anti-glare coating had eroded.

Something I noticed about shopping for glasses is most are horrendous. Now, I don’t know much about designers. Some brands seemed familiar from shopping for cologne? Do people really buy this crap? I went into the store with a list of possibilities. Interestingly, the storedidn’t have them organized in such a way as to make it easy to find them. Doh!

Elizabeth, the sales associate was pleasant and helpful. She picked up that I kind of knew what I wanted and avoided pushiness. A 180 from all the other times I gotten glasses.



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