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RE 2007: USG Digital Content Repositories: Resources to Share

Digital Library of Georgia

  • 60 different libraries and content providers
  • digitizing content, available in various browsing and search options
  • really impressive
  • historical record widely dispersed

Civil Rights Digital Library

  • 65 institutions
  • web access to 25 hours of news photage.

Alternative Media Access Center

  • Some publishers 9 times out of 10 provide an electronic copy. In cases where they do not offer electronic texts (not just an image) or audio recoding. Pick up where these companies have failed students. Publisher lobbying group resists providing electronic texts. Harvard Law Review has blue book distributed by a non-disabled individual to friends causing the loss of thousands of dollars in revenue.
  • Handle 2,000 books a term. Service 109 institutions. Focus on Georgia and may expand to Tennessee, South Carolina, etc. Serve 191 students, but students often unaware as K-12 provides automatically whereas higher education does not.
  • A place that uses guillotines cannot help but be AWESOMEness defined.

Digital Innovation Group

  • iPod Day
  • Representatives at each campus


  • Learning Edge – Quella?
  • Uses Creative Commons 2.0
  • Federated searching – Google, MERLOT, or Orange Grove
  • Each campus has a contact for providing access, training,
  • MERLOT refers individuals to the content. USG SHARE has the content.
  • Intent to do provide seamless access through GeorgiaVIEW.


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