Getting To Why

Ultimately motivational books are to get one to understand why we do any particular thing. I ran across this Zachman framework and a thought popped in my head. Its the misunderstandings of what, how, where, who, and when that cause us to not even get to why. Motivational books are about focus on the why and ignore everything else at details.

Back in the fall, I wanted to know whether or not she wanted to go to San Diego for my cousin’s vow renewal. She wanted to know the what, how, who, and when as though they would change the why (she has memory problems so the same questions came up over and over). My point was all that other stuff is immaterial. Other people would take care of all that as long as she decided yea or nay. Ultimately, I wrote down the answers to all the questions and just pointed to the same answer every time she brought it back up. She started to realize I had already answered everything and was waiting on the answer of “Yes, I want to go” or “No, I don’t”.

She answered yes in the end.

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