Yeah for Fall

It’s 67 F in my apartment this morning. It feels so very good. Over the past week I’ve noticed temperatures have dropped. My apartment retains heat pretty well. Its 42 outside.

I went to visit Cat in Lawrenceville. She asked me to help her with her computers. I knew both were old and one is a Mac. What I didn’t know is she only has a Dial-Up Internet connection, one is a generic (AST) 486, the other a Macintosh LC III, and she didn’t have the ADB cable for the keyboard. She just wanted to get files off these two computers.

So I was able to get her the files she wanted off the 486 without any trouble. I ended up calling arfore and asking his advice on dealing with the lack of a cable for the Mac keyboard. His ideas? 1) Get a SCSi adapter, put the hard drive in a box running Linux, mount it with HFS. 2) Go buy a cable. To get Win to read the floppies, put tape over the High Density hole of the floppy. So the Mac is still a work in progress. She has ordered an ADB cable, so once she has it, we will be able get into it and see just how much further we can go.

BTW, Cat is interested in getting rid of both computers (once she has her files off):

  • AST 486, 8 MB RAM, with monitor
  • Macintosh LC III with monitor (no base)

Its funny that people think “good with computers” means good dealing with everything computer related. I know web servers, web design, web programming, and databases. This issue is way over my head, but I know people and can get advice. 🙂 I have been around long enough to know not to futz too much. 3.0

Poor Netscape…. They work and work at achieving again the glories of their past. Through their browser (eventually outsourced), web server (eventually sold of to become iPlanet, SunOne, and now something else), and web site, this brand just has not seemed to flourish since their IPO back in the mid 1990s. Will this latest try at rebirth as a blog site change the tide?

Netscape, which started life as a Web browser company and then evolved into a media destination site, is being reinvented once again to merge news reporting and blogs with the latest Internet trends.

On Thursday, the revised will begin a public test of what its new general manager, dot-com news entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, said aims to reinvent the modern news service.

As a blogger and dabbler I will probably play with it. Doesn’t mean I will like it.

System is Down

VSU email and web are down. I’ve been out of the office so I can only surmise that this is related to the Denial of Service attack on Wednesday evening. Very strange that there was a test attack around 3pm and then consistent bombardment starting at almost exactly 5:30 pm. Like the person knew that most of the staff leave then.

Was out cause I was sick. Extreme congestion, almost violent coughing, and agonizing headaches. Thankfully, I got meds Thursday and saw a doc.

It does concern me that docs so liberally dole out antibiotics. Don’t think that superbacteria are very far away now.

I had hoped to get a list of my movies off my VSU home page, but that is in limbo right now. Thought I saw Ike’s car. Maybe he could let me into the office?

Sorry about the picture not loading on the left. That is due to the email and web problem at VSU. That is also why my home page is down. Perhaps I should migrate all of this stuff to helios (my Solaris box)? An independent web server where I have control of the outages?

How about 3D Pong?

Really great FAQ on Arab Americans.

Something about the layout of PixelPile is pretty kewl…

My pirate name is: Bloody Sam Vane

Think I have added enough for 4 days now… will archive tomorrow. Now must grub before Simpons and Malcom come on the tube.