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  • Diff and Spaces

    Amy’s dump of the CE/Vista settings table ended up with a slightly different format than mine. I was able to use sed to rejoin the correct lines. This resulted in two files with spaces on about half of the lines in the file. Ouch. Thankfully diff has a -b flag to ignore the spaces. Really […]

  • Tar Owner

    Some of my previous blog posts about a little discovery have save me time in the past. I made a tar of some system integration scripts we wrote for Vista 3 and brought them over to a Vista 8 test box to work on updating them for this new version. A decision we made earlier […]

  • First Edition AWK

    When I first started in IT at Valdosta State, my boss had The AWK Programming Language. My initial dabbling with awk was based on the guidance of this book. I am impressed Amazon has the book in stock. I am impressed the sale price is over $70 (3 pages / $1 while typical is >10 […]

  • On the Fourth through Sixth Loops of Ready 2 Wear

    I really have to stop listening to the same song played over and over. It may affect my thinking…. We had another node crash due to the Sun JVM issue. Our start script failed to make a file in /var so the node did not become fully operational as expected. While waiting for those with […]

  • BbWorld Presentation Redux Part I – Automation

    Much of what I might write in these posts about Vista is knowledge accumulated from the efforts of my coworkers. I’ve decided to do a series of blog posts on our presentation at BbWorld ’07, on the behalf of the Georgia VIEW project, Maintaining Large Vista Installations (2MB PPT). I wrote the bit about tracking […]

  • Priorities

    It said, “Univ offering cheaper software”. I saw, “Unix offering cheaper software”. Freud was such a tool.

  • Software Sucking So Seeking Something

    So many to cover let me number them. Trillian has been my IM client of choice since their beta. I’ve used Gaim and any number of programs who do multiple IMs from one client but found them lacking. Trillian was even the first software for which I was willing to pay my own money. (Otherwise […]

  • links for 2007-07-18

    . Innovation at Risk (tags: books economics copyright patents law intellectualproperty) A Patent Is Worth Having, Right? Well, Maybe Not – New York Times (tags: copyright economics law patents intellectual_property) Contents (tags: oracle oracle.features database) Vista Ate My Homework (tags: blackboard resources webctvista.support webctvista.howto WebCT_Vista Blackboard_Vista) Show and Tell: Tips for a Successful Implementatio n […]

  • Another Nail in the Coffin of UNIX?

    If you have an audio copy of “Taps” play it now…. SGI – Services & Support: End of General Availability for MIPS® IRIX® Products: SGI launched the MIPS IRIX family of products in 1988. Since then, this technology has powered servers, workstations, and visualization systems used extensively in Manufacturing, Media, Science, Government/Defense, and Energy. After […]