Precise Shock Therapy

Consider this Cyborg Stephen Hawking Part II. Our understanding of the brain is so very underwhelming. Ran across an interesting article: Brain electrodes fix depression long term. Deep depression that fails to respond to any other form of therapy can be moderated or reversed by stimulation of areas deep inside the brain. Now the first placebo-controlled… Continue reading Precise Shock Therapy

Cyborg Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking missed his 70th birthday party this past weekend. He was not feeling well. There has been quite a bit floating around the Internet about how he as survived decades after getting an estimated months to live. Even Intel talked up how they are working on a way to help him speak faster. Speaking… Continue reading Cyborg Stephen Hawking

Flickr: Most Interesting 2011

David Wilkinson has a cool tool I like called Flickr Set Manager. It daily looks at my photos and updates several sets of my photos. One is my most interesting 120 photos. The others are the most interesting 30 photos for each year. Below is a slideshow for 2011.

Some Stats

According to Google Analytics, between Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2011 this blog saw: 146,718 Unique Visitors 208,520 Pageview 174,104 for Quotes to Make You Think Sources: 138,144 Google 20,055 No referrer (application like desktop email? Twitter?) 8,445 Bing … 843 Facebook … 68 Twitter These could be somewhat under reported depending on the rates by… Continue reading Some Stats

Fee or Discount

In this day and age, I find it surprising enormous corporations have not figured the difference in the perception of a fee vs a discount. Adding a fee causes consumer uproar. They feel the faceless no good bully is trying to make money unfairly. Even people who probably will avoid ever paying the fee on… Continue reading Fee or Discount