Off the Wagon

Definition for interesting.

Just a month into a year of wanting to blog more, I missed a whole week. Like most resolution failures, I just got busy. Thankfully this was not a daily or weekly resolution. I have time to catch up. Maybe like my reading goals, I should push to get ahead so I can not worry about missing a week.

Desire2Learn swooped in to go over administration with us. We are learning a new culture from them very different than we are used to with Blackboard. Desire2Learn is also learning a new culture from us, because we are not the same as their other clients. We have strange preferences that make things more difficult thanks to auditors, aka more secure.

It will be interesting two years.

Guess I better go ahead and buy this teeshirt.

Last year we picked this product. It took over seven months just to negotiate and sign the contract. My head feels about to explode over learning a new product, new database, new operating system, and new company’s idiosycracies.

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