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GotPrint: Full Color Glossy Business Cards (tags: cards) Easy Picture Hanging (tags: lifehacks photography photos DIY) Best Life Magazine: Health & Fitness: Eat these eight foods every day to cover all your nutritional bases (tags: cooking food lifehacks health nutrition) :: Is my hardware Linux-compatible? Find out here (tags: linux hardware)


The Athens NEWS: Athens’ Only Locally Owned Newspaper: Ohio University would be safer with concealed weapons on campus if those gaining such a permit had to be subjected to a strict screening process that included an annual mental-health checkup; criminal background check; and training in said firearms use, marksmanship and safety, including an inspection of… Continue reading Reactions

Criminal Scholarships

The BBC article doesn’t say whether this is a UK only thing, but this is just scary. If it is a US phenomenon as well, then I wonder how many college students are being paid to go to school? On the one hand, the students are getting an education. On the other, the students will… Continue reading Criminal Scholarships


The next 30 days will probably have highlights of my love, the World Cup. Many fantastic teams have come together to compete for the title. Game one started with a bang. Germany plays aggressively (though their back line is shoddy). Catching the start at lunch (, brother supplied the play by play over IM,) and… Continue reading GERMANY 4-2 COSTA RICA

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Crime and Malnourishment

Perhaps this can suggest something even more novel like fast food is responsible for the increased crime levels? By eliminating McDonalds and Burger King, the US could cut crime by whole percentage rates? Maybe this could spawn whole new legal defenses? “Because I was malnurished, I was not thinking straight.” Perhaps too similar to the… Continue reading Crime and Malnourishment