Criminal Scholarships

The BBC article doesn’t say whether this is a UK only thing, but this is just scary. If it is a US phenomenon as well, then I wonder how many college students are being paid to go to school? On the one hand, the students are getting an education. On the other, the students will be committing crimes when they finish the degree.

“As the number of criminal gangs looking to move into cyber crime expanded, it got harder to recruit skilled hackers, said Mr Day. This has led criminals to target university students all around the world. “Some students are being sponsored through their IT degree,” said Mr Day. Once qualified, the graduates go to work for the criminal gangs.” Criminals ‘target tech students’

How many college students truly know and understand the source of money funding their education. Mine? The poor of my state wasted an unhealthy percentage of their wages on the lottery some of which went to funding my education. The kicker? Many of my college friends who didn’t get good grades funded their education through loans spent $10-$50 a month on lottery tickets. Thankfully perhaps only a few cents of the money I get actually came from them.

[UPDATE:] Apparently, college students will even get married to get money.

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