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  • links for 2007-07-24

    Congresspedia – Congresspedia (tags: government politics wiki) Google Reader keyboard shortcuts (tags: google) Get live updates as programmers, designers, security experts and the like jam Portland, Oregon, for O’Reilly’s ninth annual Open-Source Convention. (tags: opensource computers O’Reilly conferences)

  • Once Librarian Aspirations

    A recent comment I made regarding to another blogger regarding my interest in getting an MLIS: Huh… Back in college, MLIS was part of my career path. That seems like forever ago, but it was only less than eight years? It was a natural fit for me. As a university student, working in the library, […]

  • Waste Not

    Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of forwarded or group invites for kinds of things about not buying gas for a day, not buying gas from the two largest oil companies, or even everyone not using electricity for an hour (One Hour NO Power). These are ambitious endeavors for problems I agree are present. My […]

  • Independent Verification of the Truth

    Some of my latest work has been in chasing cheaters or “Vista ate my homework” claims. Some background: I work for a project that hosts online classes for 32 of the 35 universities in our system. We have about 125,000 users who have performed at least 100 actions this term. We have had about 50 […]

  • You Down With ADD! Yeah, You Know Me!

    So I scanned some baby pictures I found for posting on Flickr. I noticed the memory gage on Corsair (I’m a geek, I name my computers) was near full, so rather than deal with swapping, I clicked the Close button on iTunes. It reclaimed about 1/3 my memory usage which is exactly what I wanted. […]

  • One of FORTRAN Developers Died

    I took a college course on FORTRAN in college. At the time I was a Pre-Engineering major with aspirations to transfer to a program requiring it. In my entire educational career I haven’t taken much in programming classes: QBasic Fortran Java Actually, that is all the programming languages I’ve learned (and through lack of use […]

  • Insanity

    . Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein, (attributed) The Quotations Page Very nice! I’m nearly insane from working with computers.

  • Humans 51,749,484,784,784 v. Computers 4

    The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog: A Computer Program Wins Its First Scrabble Tournament When Deep Blue first defeated chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov, the computer program’s victory was hailed as a watershed moment for artificial intelligence, and rightfully so. But in November, another program reached a gaming milestone of its own, and no one seemed to […]

  • Overheard In The Office

    DBA: Some of you use stage in all lower case, some in all upper case, and some in mixed case. You have to all use one naming convention. The way you have written this, its not going to work. Programmer: That is why I am here. I need you to fix their stuff so it […]

  • Unplugged for the Holidays

    How to spend a long holiday weekend – Lifehacker: Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, most likely you’ve got the day off this coming Monday. I hope you’ll spend it doing as little as possible. Forget the email, the IM, the RSS feeds, the Google searches, what Wikipedia has to say about the origins of […]