See the light

Somehow, I guess I do like holding people’s hands and helping them see the light.

*yawn* better go home. Email does not work so I obviously can’t do anything, right? If I go home now, then if it mysteriously comes back I will not have to work?

Nevermind… the web works (reliable, rock-solid [I built it after all] )… means I can do my job, just not let anyone know I am doing it… 🙂

500 plus

Hmmmmmmm… only 44 people short of having 500 visitors to my personal VSU web site. According to SiteMeter’s prediction based upon traffic over the last week I might be able to achieve 500 visitors in a little over a week. Not too shabby I guess.

Guess I should respond more to email lists? Seems like a lot of my hits are people checking out my web site after I answer a question.


Finally got to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in Atlanta. Happens that it came here this weekend, but I was in Atlanta not here. Really enjoyed it so I will probably go see it again. Maybe I will take my brother? Riiigggghhhht!

Nothing like being on the interstate weaving in and out of traffic… crossing to lanes to the right, slipping in front of the 2 people going so much slower in the left lanes… I don’t get it, actually… the signs say “SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT”. To me that means that if you are in the left lane and see someone approaching because they are going faster, then you should move over to the right. I understand situations when there is a car to your right or moving over would place you too close to another car, but there were so many cars that were tooling along a 65 mph in a 70 mph zone where I was going 85 with no other cars withing 1000 feet of the car. So I just slipped over into the middle (or in South Georgia the right) lane and passed them without even slowing down. Was that a sign? Nope… I saw in many instances the car stayed in that lane and other drivers had to do the same.

I get the impression that people like the left lane because it is less bumpy. So do I… that is why I drive as fast or faster than the other traffic so that I can be in that lane.

Don’t worry… I am done! Back to being content.


Wow… came here to write something and forgot what it is… maybe I need some caffeine?

Oh, yeah… George R. R. Martin is the slipperiest piece of **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** I have ever read. His A Storm of Swords has tricked me so many times I actually get nervous when he starts using this certain writing style. When the character becomes uncertain it seems to be some sort of foreshadowing. If you have not read A Game of Thrones get your arse over to Amazon and buy it now!

Hmmmm… there is lots of good stuff in my “lookat” email folder. Here is a CSS Master Compatibility Chart… what ’bout the Online Privacy Alliance Resources? Or this cool flash site? Or Mavin a mixed-race magazine. Need to start lookin at this stuff… only 789 messages in it… 🙂

Fixing Links

Wow… I detest broken links almost as much as I test an inability to fix things. Does that say something about my personality? [ Read obsessive-perfectionist disorder (okay, it is not a real disorder, but as OCD describes people who are obsessive and compulsive, this describes someone who is obessive and a perfectionist) ] If I can’t fix it, then it will bother me until 1) I find a way to fix it or 2) I find someone else to correct the problem for me. Maybe that is why I got so obsessed with computer- and paper-based role-playing gaems as a kid? It was an opportunity for me to correct great evils…

Wow, that was a tangent…

Back to fixing links…


The View
The View

Ever want to know just who is linking to your web site? Well, these tools will tell you…

Popularity by AddMe checks who links to you from Hotbot, AltaVista, and Google.

The WebTrends Network: Site Popularity Check! compares your site to other sites on AltaVista.

Of course there are lots of other sites that do similar things.

Wow… fixing broken links… well, when I can… otherwise informing the owner of the web site… frustrating work…

Got the QuickCam installed once again. Here is the first pic… the view of the office window