Simple UX

Dunno why, but I like Pitas’ simple interface. Probably b/c it leaves so much for me to control. It takes longer to get started, but once you are rockin’ and rollin’ you can do so much to the interface.

Other sites like BloggerLive Journal, and Xanga have these great things like IDing friends. Yet the lack of control I have over my site there annoys me. Apparently at Live Journal I can pay to get more control over the apperance.

Maybe the functionality in simplicity is what I like? Much rather work hard with something simple that allows me to do more than struggle push an application beyond it’s original scope that is complex and restrictive.

This is for all of you who have need multiple IMs because you have friends on ICQ, AIM, MSN, and Yahoo! Trillian will allow you to have open multiple sessions on ALL of these (and mIRC). It is a little frustrating at first (I was connecting and closing the window which closed the connection), but I think this product is a must have!

2 Giant Buddhas

It is unfortunate that the Taliban decided to destroy any non-Muslim artifacts in Afghanistan. Some fairly recent photos at Yahoo show that they destroyed 2 giant Buddhas thought to be over 1500 years old.

I don’t quite understand the need to attack others that are different.

For those of you that do not have it… I recommend getting some anti-virus software and a firewall for your home computer. Here are some free ones.

Huh… Is the RIAA run by idiots or the sly pretending to only be slow? More on the RIAA vs. Napster.

It seems that the RIAA feels that all content owned by them must be blocked. Under any circumstances. Such as users acting to bypass whatever system Napster puts in place. Name filtering is easy to bypass… mispell the name. Napster has worked double-time to make that work and still unsuccessfully.

The RIAA suggests that “audio fingerprinting” be used. Well, these are MP3s which have numerous imperfects as hard drives, slow processors, and virtual memory create their own impressions during a rip. Add to that all of the live versions that are available which in no way conform to the CD version of a song.

The system that is left is that only pre-approved content be placed on the system? Huh? The ONLY way for that one to work is for the peer-to-peer network to be removed and a server-to-client network replace Napster. That is a total overhaul that the RIAA had better fund in my opinion. I can see them paying Napster $100 million for Napster to build it, can’t you?

Do find it funny that the RIAA can insist, but they cannot assist (like the court order they wave like holy writ says they must do).


Don’t I feel silly… boought this book Web Client Programming With Perl for about $15 on the bargin table. The recommended price is $30. The publisher has made the book available under their Open Books Project. A few good books are available there.

Okay… I admit it… I am an advertising junkie. I don’t watch TV for the shows. I watch TV for the commercials. Good ones make me cry while being unable to breathe due to laughing so hard. Others make me sit in silence and wish I had the forebearance to change the channel. Sound familiar? Well, there may be a site for you…

See… All those feminists were wrong… testosterone is good for something… read more

Offline Web Sites

Hoping Lacey can say her lots soon…

I’ll have to go to the store and buy some vitamin C. This way whenever someone in the office feels sick I’ll have that extra 2000 mg available to help increase my resistance.

Working on making web sites available offline for a presentation for a faculty member. Seems a lot harder than I originally thought it would be…

  • Could not get the laptop to connect to the internet
  • Could not download pages from the course server
  • Could install a course server to the laptop
  • Boss had to make the web site to be displayed

Now that is a lot…