Alone for VD

People who happen to not be dating someone stand out on Valentine’s Day, I think. I have known women who freaked out over the thought that they might be alone for it. Those are only a handful, thankfully. Most people I know who have no significant other just mope and grumble all day long.

I hope I hide my irritation with VD well enough that I am not an irritant to others.

Clarification on last post… VD = Valentine’s Day
VD != Venerial Disease

Such dirty minds…

2 thoughts on “Alone for VD”

  1. When I was single I made sure I gave myself a Valentine of some sort. Always got exactly the kind of chocolate or kind of flowers I wanted that way. Hee hee! Hope the day wasn’t too irratating for ya. Hug

  2. When skimming the last sentence of your message, it scared me enough, to make me read it again 😛

    I dont have a dirty mind i am just screwed up b/c of society. on a nother note i spent almost all day arguing with a friend about why there should be a black history month and not a white history month


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