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  • Fact Check: Akon Lighting Africa

    Saw a friend posted a photo claiming Akon had provided solar power to 600 million Africans, but the media was not going to tell you about it. It also questioned what is it the NGOs are doing. This was an amazing claim, so I went looking into it. “Akon solar power” led me to his […]

  • Green is Pretty?

    Weird dream this morning before I woke: I was walking around familiar places in my home town with a woman I know from there and her niece. Every where we went, sites looked way prettier than they appear now. In every commercial area between the road and parking lots were 10 feet tall berms with […]

  • Political Campaigns Waste Oil

    On NPR this morning was a puff piece about how busy was one of the presidential candidates. Who it was does not really matter. All presidential candidates do similiar. Three plane flights and driving hundreds of miles a day is described as them doing public good. But is it? For every candidate for president, the […]

  • MPG

    I scored 39.1 miles per gallon on the drive home yesterday. Its not a hybrid, so I think this is pretty good. By doing more drafting or cutting back on driving so fast, I could break 40. tag: car, environment