Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Green is Pretty?

Weird dream this morning before I woke:

I was walking around familiar places in my home town with a woman I know from there and her niece. Every where we went, sites looked way prettier than they appear now.

In every commercial area between the road and parking lots were 10 feet tall berms with decorative trees along the top and azalea bushes at the base. Every parking lot had its own holding pond for the water the lots displace.

Buildings were multi-story and huddled together in bunches. Even the corner gas station I visited most days after school was now just the first floor with the Walgreens down the road now occupying the second floor and the offices catercorner on the third through fifth floors. Every building was somewhere between light and dark brown.

Signs were no bigger than 4′ x 2′. None of these huge monstrosities one can see from miles down the road.

Philosophically, I would not portray myself as politically green. The environment falls pretty low when ranked against things I consider politically important. (Not even in the top 5 or 10.)

Also, I am lazy. Don’t make me have to exert disciplined behavior to effect change. Just change it in small steps towards what it should be. I’ll notice, but the small steps ensure I’ll be upset for maybe 24 hours and over the course of a few weeks will no longer care.

Hopefully the politics are not invading my sleep?






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