Very shy children may process some facial expressions differently

“The researchers found that the shyness-BI index and the presence of particular forms of the serotonin transporter promoter gene predicted smaller responses to overtly hostile and neutral facial expressions in certain regions of the brain. The researchers suggest that their findings indicate diminished brain involvement and partially impaired reading in response to some facial expressions.”… Continue reading Very shy children may process some facial expressions differently

Thinking Geek

I like this action shot… girl in front of Microsoft sign with teeshirt “Chick Dig Unix”. Something just so sinister, ya know? Apparently I have a higher than average Empathy (64) and Systematizing (71) Quotients (link). Eh. These are really similar to the Myers-Briggs iNtuitive and Feeler scales.


Well, it is official… I am evil!!! (only kinda, according to Who woulda thunk it? On the upside, I am almost borderline passive-aggressive. Apparently, I am also naughty. WTF? My MBTI is now ENFP? I used to to be INFP or INTP. How in the hell did a computer nerd like me end up an extrovert? Guess it… Continue reading Emode


The human mind has an amazing ability to interpolate illusions into or perceptions (and thus our memories). What we perceive is already an illusion of mental processes identifying patterns and attempting to generate reality. We do not really see 3 dimensional objects. We see 2 pictures which are super-imposed. Our minds almost immediately detect the differences… Continue reading Interpolate

Video Games Hurt Your Brain

Mmmmmmmmmmmm… playing video games is what screwed me up. News: Report: Video Games Hurt Your Brain That last post has some problems in methodology, I think. First Person Shooters (FPSs), where people have to react as quickly as possible could elicit the problem of reduced emotional and creative abilities. To me those games are the… Continue reading Video Games Hurt Your Brain


Could Jess be an introvert? You make the call… I tend to keep to myself at work. I don’t normally talk about anything personal… what I do, where I go, what I like, what I don’t like, etc. It’s not relevant. — 28 Feb 2002 Who knew? Obviously not the people at work… Jess, you’re right.… Continue reading Introvert