Video Games Hurt Your Brain

Mmmmmmmmmmmm… playing video games is what screwed me up.¬† News: Report: Video Games Hurt Your Brain

That last post has some problems in methodology, I think. First Person Shooters (FPSs), where people have to react as quickly as possible could elicit the problem of reduced emotional and creative abilities. To me those games are the LEAST fun. The ones where one has to locate items, solve problems, and basically use one’s head are the really fun games.

I only really enjoy FPSs when playing against others. Then I am pitting my sneakiness (read: creativity) against their superior reaction skillz.

Don’t really understand why anyone would play only FPSs. RPGs and community interactive games seem much more enticing.


Could¬†Jess be an introvert? You make the call…

I tend to keep to myself at work. I don’t normally talk about anything personal… what I do, where I go, what I like, what I don’t like, etc. It’s not relevant.

— 28 Feb 2002

Who knew? Obviously not the people at work…

Jess, you’re right. Simplification is a slippery slope right to stereotypes. I am a psychologist by education and sometimes regretably revert.

Sorry about that.


Student of Socrates

Something that has tied my thoughts in knots for about a week now… this preoccupation many individuals claim to find my supposedly lofty intelligence intimidating bothers me. Really, I am not that intelligent… I usually score between a 126 to a 144 on IQ tests. School was a knack for me because teachers and testing administrators don’t know how to write good tests, not because I am exceptionally intelligent. Besides, intelligence is a highly subjective concept which has thrwarted numerous attempts to be pigeon-holed as any particular thing. Most abstract concepts are like that, right? So I guess people are allowed to have their opinions and feel intimidated by something I know to not be so great.

Ho-duh-hum… installed a bulletin board today for the Psychology Club. Yep, the highlight of my morning, I think.