CouldĀ Jess be an introvert? You make the call…

I tend to keep to myself at work. I don’t normally talk about anything personal… what I do, where I go, what I like, what I don’t like, etc. It’s not relevant.

— 28 Feb 2002

Who knew? Obviously not the people at work…

Jess, you’re right. Simplification is a slippery slope right to stereotypes. I am a psychologist by education and sometimes regretably revert.

Sorry about that.


Student of Socrates

Something that has tied my thoughts in knots for about a week now… this preoccupation many individuals claim to find my supposedly lofty intelligence intimidating bothers me. Really, I am not that intelligent… I usually score between a 126 to a 144 on IQ tests. School was a knack for me because teachers and testing administrators don’t know how to write good tests, not because I am exceptionally intelligent. Besides, intelligence is a highly subjective concept which has thrwarted numerous attempts to be pigeon-holed as any particular thing. Most abstract concepts are like that, right? So I guess people are allowed to have their opinions and feel intimidated by something I know to not be so great.

Ho-duh-hum… installed a bulletin board today for the Psychology Club. Yep, the highlight of my morning, I think.