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  • Love Hanging From a Window

    Love Hanging From a Window, originally uploaded by Ezra F. These have been here in my grandmother’s house for as long as I remember.

  • Nannie Interviews

    Some video I took while down in Valdosta last week. I already posted the first four to Google Video. I eventually figured out how to get them to YouTube. Best ones in bold. Should Write Everything Down All of them? Men don’t like sitting around Juggling Job & Medical Stuff Took off both? Barbara does…

  • Two Nannies for the Price of Lunch

    Two Nannies for the Price of Lunch, originally uploaded by Ezra F. Lunch at Covington’s, a Valdosta restaurant. Took my grandmother there for lunch some time last week. Its a place she likes.

  • Celebrity?

    Dad told me when people see his last name for the first time, they typically ask him if he knows me. When he tells them I am his son, they start telling him about great I am.

  • Deeds of Gaijin Occupiers

    My grandmother has recently started telling everyone she owns a house in Japan (gaijin cannot own land?). In the 1950s, my grandfather was stationed in Japan. He went over by himself, acquired a house, and sent for his wife and six kids to come. The most common story my grandmother tells is this trip over…

  • Chinese Scroll

    Japanese Scroll, originally uploaded by Ezra F. This hangs in one of the hallways of my grandmother’s house. Its been there since at least I was little tyke. I have no idea what it says. 🙁

  • WaltGhost

    WaltGhost is a web site by Uncle Walter. He’s always been great to have a conversation. I like some of his art. I’ll have to buy a couple…

  • Racism

    Lacey’s story about her first brush with racism in Houston reminds me that they were well intentioned. I am not very hard on such people because my so very white grandmother has made similar comments. Hers was that the neighborhood was suffering from all the crime, the specific example was that my bike was stolen…

  • Protected: 1958

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