Nannie Interviews

Some video I took while down in Valdosta last week. I already posted the first four to Google Video. I eventually figured out how to get them to YouTube. Best ones in bold. Should Write Everything Down All of them? Men don’t like sitting around Juggling Job & Medical Stuff Took off both? Barbara does… Continue reading Nannie Interviews


Dad told me when people see his last name for the first time, they typically ask him if he knows me. When he tells them I am his son, they start telling him about great I am.


WaltGhost is a web site by Uncle Walter. He’s always been great to have a conversation. I like some of his art. I’ll have to buy a couple…


Lacey’s story about her first brush with racism in Houston reminds me that they were well intentioned. I am not very hard on such people because my so very white grandmother has made similar comments. Hers was that the neighborhood was suffering from all the crime, the specific example was that my bike was stolen… Continue reading Racism

Moving Day

Got to move this huge stereo cabinet yesterday from my great aunt’s old house. This thing is heavier than most people I know. I had not been by her house since she died. Reminded me of how much I miss her. She replaced my grandmother on that side of the family since my real one… Continue reading Moving Day

Career Day

Nice, the Pita posts are working again. The ones that were not showing up from all last week are not visible. I would think that it was my computer that was the problem IF the posts had shown up on other computers. Had fun Friday talking to middle school students for Career Day. Don’t know… Continue reading Career Day