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Category: Family

  • Love Hanging From a Window

    Love Hanging From a Window, originally uploaded by Ezra F. These have been here in my grandmother’s house for as long as I remember.

  • Nannie Interviews

    Some video I took while down in Valdosta last week. I already posted the first four to Google Video. I eventually figured out how to get them to YouTube. Best ones in bold. Should Write Everything Down All of them? Men don’t like sitting around Juggling Job & Medical Stuff Took off both? Barbara does…

  • Two Nannies for the Price of Lunch

    Two Nannies for the Price of Lunch, originally uploaded by Ezra F. Lunch at Covington’s, a Valdosta restaurant. Took my grandmother there for lunch some time last week. Its a place she likes.

  • Grandparent-sitting

    Mom is off to do important stuff. So I am watching over her mom, my grandmother. Instructions: 9 pages. Various appointments to help her make. Various medications to give her. Yeah, fun, fun, fun. Entertainment of Choice: Rummikub I’m planning on getting her to tell some stories for recording on my camera or iPod. I…

  • Celebrity?

    Dad told me when people see his last name for the first time, they typically ask him if he knows me. When he tells them I am his son, they start telling him about great I am.

  • Deeds of Gaijin Occupiers

    My grandmother has recently started telling everyone she owns a house in Japan (gaijin cannot own land?). In the 1950s, my grandfather was stationed in Japan. He went over by himself, acquired a house, and sent for his wife and six kids to come. The most common story my grandmother tells is this trip over…

  • Chinese Scroll

    Japanese Scroll, originally uploaded by Ezra F. This hangs in one of the hallways of my grandmother’s house. Its been there since at least I was little tyke. I have no idea what it says. 🙁

  • I Beat My Grandmother

    And mother at Rummikub. Of course, Mom beat me 3:2. 🙁 I am used to winning 4:1 except against William (2:5). tag: games, Rummikub, family

  • WaltGhost

    WaltGhost is a web site by Uncle Walter. He’s always been great to have a conversation. I like some of his art. I’ll have to buy a couple…