Framing Dangers

Hurricane Michael leveled much of Mexico Beach, which is a place I know pretty well. Spread out over my lifetime, but a rough impression is, I think, I have spent about half a year at this particular town. That would rank it third longest of places where I have lived. Several people have expressed surprise… Continue reading Framing Dangers

Stress and decisions

Someone in Athens found some pipe bombs. They took it to the police headquarters to report having found it. People question how he could do something so dangerous. My reaction is I can easily see someone thinking of the police and taking them there. The reason why we train people how to conduct themselves in dangerous… Continue reading Stress and decisions

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Seems like something call “Reader’s Choice Awards” ought to have more than one choice for their categories. A few did, but in most cases there was ONE choice with the option to write-in. There were more categories with NO CHOICES and only write-in than categories with multiple choices. And even then there would be a… Continue reading Choice

Gunfighters MC

Driving off from brunch downtown, I followed these three (well, five) for several miles. My motorcycle gang expertise being extremely limited, I used the power of Google to see just what notorious trouble these people have caused. Brawls? Drug dealing? Executions? Terrorism? Probably not Hell’s Angels league but there must be dozens of organizations from… Continue reading Gunfighters MC

In Search of (No) Snow

I grew up south of the snow line. Maybe that was something my mother invented? Columbus, Macon, Augusta, usually known as the Piedmont Line, for us was the snow line. She watched the Weather Channel every day, so she would groan at all the near misses. She would contemplate driving north to catch it, but… Continue reading In Search of (No) Snow


With even a couple inches of snow, everything shuts down. Snow day off from work, though if I was the on call today, then I could still check on things with my still working Internet connection.

Scott Kelby’s 3rd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk

Just like I went on the walk last year, I went on the Scott Kelby worldwide photo walk in Athens this year yesterday. One local called us the paparazzi. Another asked if there was a photographer convention. A couple of my takes: Flickr Groups featuring photos from Athens and other walks: 2010 Scott Kelby Worldwide… Continue reading Scott Kelby’s 3rd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk

There’s An App For That

Woman 1: The first step is admitting you have a problem. Woman 2: Then we send you off to rehab. Woman 3: iPhone Rehab!

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Are Phone Books Necessary?

The Georgia Public Service Commission might stop requiring AT&T to distribute paper phone books. The rationale seems to be so many people rely on the Internet and use cell phones the phone books are less useful. That only one percent of people inside the Atlanta perimeter asked for one definitely supports stopping the service. Phasing… Continue reading Are Phone Books Necessary?