Category: Notorious

  • Organizational Breakdown

    Had a conversation with a restaurant manager when he said he hates computers. His life has gone from 90% working with food to maybe 60%. Naturally he did not get into this kind of work to spend so much time dealing with computers. At first I thought the issue was empowerment. A few decades ago, […]

  • TED Talk: 3 ways to (usefully) lose control of your brand

    This talk reminds me of The Cluetrain Manifesto. Attempting to control the message, aka the brand, backfires. Employees doing good things builds the brand. It is especially the small things that count. Therefore, empowering employees to do good, altruistic things is really good for the brand. And those things may not even have to be […]

  • Gunfighters MC

    Driving off from brunch downtown, I followed these three (well, five) for several miles. My motorcycle gang expertise being extremely limited, I used the power of Google to see just what notorious trouble these people have caused. Brawls? Drug dealing? Executions? Terrorism? Probably not Hell’s Angels league but there must be dozens of organizations from […]

  • German school massacre

    Get to work on a Saturday. Gotta love firewalls. They block what ever they are configured to intercept… such as TTF files attached to emails. Anyone getting 20 copies a day of the Klez worms? I base my popularity on how many viruses I get from people. Since some of the recent ones like Magistr, […]