BlogRolling is pretty kewl….

Tomorrow is hopefully a donuts day. Someone at work has a birthday. The secretary will be out sick so hopefully our other mom will remember? Maybe I can snag one while they are still warm? Mmmmmmmmmm….

Oh, yeah… only 25 hours left to do my taxes. Starting to become more and more like my father. What? I’ve got so many hours left. Why do them now?


  1. Hm…wonder who’s birthday it would be…warm donughts are the bomb…*nods* So easy to please, if warm donughts do it. *grin* and I guess I am just used to midwest droughts, which mean, no rain whatsoever for months…earth cracked, dust in the air, dead grass type of draught…

    got my taxes done yesterday…*sticking out my tongue* Never thought, at least you’ll never forget when taxes are due..*s*

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