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Some say we are headed towards singularity, some say they’ve been been single for a while and hate it. Can’t say these are mutually exclusive. After all, being single does not have much to do with artificial intelligence… or does it?

I’d have to say the excuses for not actively seeking someone with which to share life are pretty artificial. Maintaining that life style is much easier and much less risky than actively attempting integration. Systems tend towards decay. Energy must be put into systems to sustain them. Energy is finite and thus precious. Yet it must to devoted to the cause in order to make the system work.







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  1. Å’ Avatar

    Usually, a merge between two systems uses the resources of both in the merger. A good integration uses an even amount of the two. The energy used is less than assumed because it is a compromise. Systems that aren’t upgraded, or merged, that stay in one place, become outdated, old, replaced, and decay themselves. It is even computer nature, to pool resources, merge, and run “children” programs in order to stay mainstream.

    *why the hell did I say that?*

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