Through Ways

This is South Georgia. It gets really, really hot down here in the summer. It also tends to rain quite a bit as moisture from the Gulf of Mexico hits us in waves for an afternoon shower. You really should have an umbrella everyday as the predictability of the rain is rather low.

Where I work has a ton of small buildings scattered all over the place. So many people try to cut through various buildings that it is almost considered standard practice. My building is one exception. In the entire time I have been here, the doors to the old Personnel (then Human Resources and now vacant) area have always been locked.

People still try to cut through there. I have moved to an office just outside the locked doors. The last time it rained 5 sets of people attempted to go through those doors. Even after we put a sign “Doors Are Kept Locked”, people still tried to go through them. Guess they gamble that they might be unlocked is too tempting?


  1. Drought just means that the rain fall is less than usual. We were more affected by our winter and spring rains than the summer. True, the summer rain was less, but may 10 – 20% less which is not bad.

    Besides, we are no longer in a drought.

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