The CD Writer hardware is there, just need to decide on which CD Authoring software… Nero, maybe? Boss wants us to start keeping logs of what we do. Maybe an online DB? 🙂 Time to go home soon. Relax… kick back… Okay, so I will get online tomorrow and Sunday too… I am an addict!… Continue reading CDR

Zips and CDR

Got the Zip drive working at home. Now maybe I should look to get some network cards and an ethernet cable… could get both my 233 and my 66 connected and transfer files. Probably something I should do before wiping either machine? At work I should install the SCSI card and the CDR. Then I… Continue reading Zips and CDR

Poul Anderson

First Douglas Adams, now Poul Anderson. Some of the most reknown Science Fiction writers are passing left and right. *sigh* Means they will publish commerative collections of their works that I will have to buy.


Almost time to go home. Just tidy up a few lose ends. Afshin is a gifted musician to which I have had the opportunity to listen a few times.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Think I should use this space as my personal journal and FOR Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric as my place for reviews and stuff like that. Call it MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder not Schizophrenia which is hearing voices) or call me anal. Just don’t like mixing stuff about me with the rants. Changed some colors. Not as… Continue reading Multiple Personality Disorder

LJ Post

Very cool… kind of like the windoze installed utility to post messages. though… are there better options for personalizing the page?